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Diaconia Connections is an ecumenical 501(c)(3) charity organization connecting people and mobilizing resources. We work with our ecumenical and interfaith partners to advance global awareness and promote action to fight poverty. Our goal is to support vulnerable populations while building sustainable communities.

The principles of social justice and empowerment are the pillars of our work. We partner with small, in-country social service organizations to implement development and aid projects that address social, environmental, health, and economic issues. We help our partners better serve their communities. We specialize in working in post-totalitarian countries, specifically post-communist societies. We have a regional focus in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. 


Advancing global connections, fighting poverty, and strengthening post-totalitarian countries and fragile communities by building interfaith partnerships.

Diaconia Connections Mission Statement


What We Do

Diaconia Connections is an ecumenical 501(c)(3) organization working to advance global awareness. Diaconia Connections is strengthening fragile communities. We work alongside our partners to provide social and economic help, focusing on youth, older adults, women, refugees, and people with special needs. We seek to connect people and mobilize resources.

We are supported financially through the generous donations of individuals, church congregations, presbyteries, and family and church foundations.


Public Awareness

Motivated by our Christian values we seek to communicate and educate people on the challenges faced by fragile communities around the world. 

  • Public Relations
  • Develop Educational Materials
  • Organize Public Lectures and Present at Events
  • Organize Exchange trips

People and Resources

Diaconia Connections is a network of ecumenical and interfaith relationships between individuals, organizations, governments, churches, and communities. 

  • Strengthen and develop connections between vulnerable communities and partners
  • Fundraising

our Global Community

We provide social and economic assistance and strengthen fragile communities by working alongside vulnerable populations such as youth, older adults, women, refugees, and people with disabilities. 

  • Agricultural Development
  • Health and Social Services
  • Small Business Development
  • Resilience Building
  • Capacity Building

Interested in Having a Guest Speaker?

Jeremy Ault, the Director of Diaconia Connections, is available to speak to Presbyteries, congregations, and groups who are interested in learning more about how they can work alongside Diaconia Connections and our partnerships to engage in global missions and and build local awareness.  Please use the contact form to place this request.


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