Diaconia Providing Aid in Syria

Providing Aid in Syria

The war in Syria is now five years old. In that time, over 6.6 million people have been displaced, while another 4.8 million have fled to neighboring countries. Nearly 13.5 million people, including 6 million children, are in need of humanitarian assistance.

Throughout the fall, Diaconia will send hygenic aid packages to 9,500 people.

Over the past 5 years, more than half of Syria’s people have left their homes.  They travel to various villages and cities within Syria, where the fighting is not as intense. Refugees who are traveling in-country are officially termed as “Internally-Displaced People” (IDPs).  IDPs often live in improvised shelters, unfinished homes, or in apartments with extremely high rents. Relationships between locals and the IDPs have become strained, as sources of water, food, and basic living materials have diminished. As of this writing, nearly 9 million people are without regular access to food, and 70% of Syrians lack potable water.

We never thought we’d need foreign help.

“The people you see walking the streets of Tartus, and in the countryside of Hama, or in the region of Homs, are exhausted. The local communities are under pressure to provide for thousands of displaced families asking for help--families who we never thought they would need our help. The people are rich, poor, sick, and those who are severely injured,” reports our colleague from Syria.  

Winter is coming

In the areas around Homs and Tartus, there are over 780,000 refugees and the number is rising. Opportunities for work and housing, however, are declining. It’s not only the poorest families who do not have money to purchase food or obtain basic needs. Children are unable to attend school. Families are living in a hopeless situation without electricity, water, health care, or a future. And now the seasons are changing to winter.

We are working with partners on-the-ground

Diaconia is now working with a local partner organization with a long history caring for the Syrian people. They are a group of highly-trained professionals and experts who evaluate which families have the greatest need and then organize aid deliveries. Thanks to this new partnership, we are planning to provide 3, 800 hygienic aid packages for 1,900 families, which will reach a total of 9, 500 people in three regions across Syria. The families will receive two packages. In each package there will be soap, shampoo, cleaning supplies for their homes, feminine care products, paper products, and more.

Why hygienic care packages?

All people have a right to health and dignity. Every person should be able to bath, wash their clothes, and live in a clean, healthy environment. Syrian men, women, and children are living in places that many of us would be hard-pressed to imagine. Thanks to support from donors like you and through our work with our Syrian partners, we can at least make a part of their lives a bit more bearable.

We are still collecting donations for this much-needed assistance. If you would like more information or would like to donate, you can do so through our website, or contact Jeremy Ault at Jeremy.ault@diakonie.cz


Jeremy Ault