Syrian Survival Kits: Advent Appeal

The season of Advent is about hope and anticipation—a hope that stems from the belief that at the end of every year, the world can be remade anew.

It’s an interpretation of Advent that resonates with those of us who are safe, with those of us who live with the assurance that food, shelter, and love are ever-present. We have the luxury of waiting. We have the comfort to believe that the world indeed can be better.

For Syrian refugees, the situation is much different—they wait. They do so without the promise that peace, food, or shelter will be forthcoming. And after six years of unspeakable violence, they can’t be too sure that their world will improve.

Together, we can help people like Mohanad:

Mohanad works as a volunteer for the Lutheran World Federation (our partner in Jordan). He has volunteered in the camp since the beginning of the Syrian conflict. Mohanad is 31. He is trained as an engineer, and when he still lived in Syria, he worked as a teacher. Early in the conflict, Mohanad realized that life was unsafe for teachers, so he fled, along with his brother, to Jordan.

He has lived in the camp for 3 years. The rest of his family is back in Syria. They are in contact with each other by telephone, but the service is poor, so they can go more than a month without talking. For Mohanad, the worst aspect of life in the camp is the boredom--it is why, upon arrival, he determined to find work in any way possible, even if he had to work for free.

When the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) was recruiting volunteers, Mohanad applied. Many of his life milestones have occurred in the camp: he got married and has since had two children. Mohanad is an incredibly positive and intelligent person, who works to maintain his own sense of self and dignity. When we asked him where he gets his positive outlook on life, he answered: “If I spent every day regretting and being sad, I wouldn't be living. It’s important to take every day as it comes and never stop trying to live.”

Let’s not wait. Like Mohanad, let’s act to bring the spirit and hope of Advent to all those who are suffering. Through our actions, let’s be the change that Syrian refugees need to see.

This Advent season, we at Diaconia Connections ask that you donate, that you make an investment in our world, and that we, together, bring light and hope to those who need it.

Diaconia Connections is inviting you to help us provide survival kits to families in Syria. Working alongside our partners in the Tartus area of Syria, we will be purchasing and assembling survival kits that are designed to meet the basic needs of a family of five.

Each survival kit is packed with the necessities of medicine and basic supplies essential to survive amidst the day to day realities of a seemingly endless war. A donation of only $82 provides a kit that will last a family for 3 months.

Our goal is to provide 1, 900 families with 2 kits each.

To donate on-line checkout

To donate by mail, please send a check to our Milwaukee office:

Diaconia Connections
3425A N. Weil St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Make checks payable to “Diaconia Connections – Syria.”

We thank you for your generosity. And from all of us at Diaconia Connections, we wish you a wonderful Advent Season.

Jeremy Ault