Public Awareness

Our stated goals are connecting people; advancing global awareness; and promoting action fighting poverty. We seek to empower people connected with Diaconia Connections to be active global citizens. We want all to understand the issues facing vulnerable communities around the world. Engaging the public and educating them to this end is one of the major focuses of our work.

Lectures and Public Events

Organize Mission Trips

Develop and Translate Educational Materials:

Our partners at DECCB - CRD have an educational curriculum that is implemented in schools throughout the Czech Republic. It is a 12-session curriculum designed and tested by teachers. It focuses on educating students on global issues. It includes lessons on education, human trafficking, disaster relief, and social services. We are in the process of translating it into English. We are hoping to pilot the course in the fall of 2016 or spring of 2017 in Milwaukee. Our goal is to have the program being used around the country as part of the regular curriculum in schools. We envision that this curriculum, along with its attendant activities, will be used for church education and in youth groups.